Twin Flame Vs Soulmate Vs Karmic: Know The Differences


Karma is a spiritual law that states that we experience those we have generated in others or to the outside world. Karma is the set of responses we receive to our thoughts, words and actions, whether good or bad. This law manifests itself in interpersonal relationships: family, work, couples. Karmic love relationships involve great suffering and the worst thing of all is that the person affected cannot definitively end this harmful bond. Within the dynamics of a karmic couple there is verbal, psychological and even physical violence. The other does not bring anything good in our lives and only looks at how to obtain benefits. Although it may seem surprising, a karmic relationship has a positive objective: to awaken a new consciousness and eliminate this type of relationship forever. The one who suffers a karmic relationship must understand the reasons that led him/her to have a negative bond. After the awakening of consciousness the individual understands that he/she only deserves to maintain healthy relationships.

Twin flame vs soulmate vs karmic: the main differences

The following are the main differences between twin flame, soul mate and karmic relationships. This guide will help you identify them quickly, so you can know about your own evolutionary path.

-You can have several soul mate relationships and several karmic relationships during a lifetime. However, a flame twin relationship occurs only once in a lifetime.

-Both karmic and soulmate relationships can be experienced through different areas: couples, family, work. However a twin flame bond only occurs in a romantic relationship.

-Both flame twin relationships and karmic relationships lead to spiritual evolution. The difference is that you have to stay with your twin flame, while you must move away from a karmic relationship.

-Twin-flame and soul mate relationships manifest to make you a better person. Karmic relationships serve to awaken you from the suffering you are experiencing.

-Both soulmate and karmic relationships can be temporary. They remain in your life for a while and then you may never have contact with them again. Instead, you must remain forever with your twin flame to achieve spiritual fulfillment.

-The twin flames and soul mates generate happiness and gratitude in your life. Karmic relationships generate sadness, suffering and depression in your earthly reality.

Final thoughts

The analysis twin flame vs soulmate vs karmic helps you to better understand the nature of your interpersonal relationships. Keep in mind that these relationships outwardly reflect what lives in your inner world. For this reason they are the perfect guide to reach your self-knowledge. Through interpersonal relationships, whether they are twin flame, karmic or soul mate relationships, you discover the good in you and also what you should work on. If you like the nature of your current interpersonal relationships continue to nurture them with love. If, however, you are not satisfied with a bond, dare to change yourself and your outer world will change as well.

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