Free Games Without Wifi — Top 26 Best Offline games Reviews 2018

The best Android games that work without an Internet connection

Free Games Without Wifi

We tell you which are the best Android games that you can use without having an Internet connection: platforms, cars, casual ?

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We tell you which are the best Android games that you can use without having an Internet connection: platforms, cars, casual ?

The smartphone has brought about radical changes in our way of communicating, working and also when playing. We have devices that are capable of running games unthinkable years ago.

There is a catch that some games have, in case of being left without an Internet connection we are left without a game. This is so given that there are games that need to be connected in order to be used.

That does not mean that we can not play without connection, that is what we are going to talk about dear ealian @, of those games that can be enjoyed without any connection to the network. so read this article on free games without wifi

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1. Angry birds star wars

Our first game is a veteran in the Android world, although this time we have selected the most Wookie version. We talk logically about the Star Wars edition of our beloved birds.

Freeze! The escape

We are facing a game that offers a proposal quite different from the usual. It offers some grim graphics that, together with its great soundtrack, take us to a world where gravity will be of great importance.

Jetpack Joyride

A game that reminds us of the great Metal Slug thanks to its 2D design along with a game mechanic that is full of action, shots and of course Jetpacks to take our hero to the heights.want to download it? click here

Ridiculous Fishing

A game that draws attention for its design and for what it proposes. We have before us a rather retro aesthetic that, together with the personal history of our character, puts us before the challenge of reaching the depths of the ocean and thus catch the largest number of fish.

Zig Zag

Game apparently simple, in which we must have agile reflexes to be able to take our protagonist, a black ball, along the route. Of course, always preventing it from falling into the void.

Action and adventures

Disney Crossy Road ? one of the best free games without wifi

Those veterans of the place will remember a game called FROG, in this game our only mission was to cross the street, yes, embodying a frog. Disney has retaken the idea of this game, wrapping it in the Disney universe, bringing the retro style to the 21st century.

Badland ? one of the best free offline android games

We are facing a game of those that appear without making too much noise, without having a great study behind and yet it is a game delight. When playing it you feel that feeling that you are in front of a quality game even in the smallest detail, if you have not played it I recommend it.

Ninja Up

Game with retro aesthetics, protagonist ninja, a formula that may sound to us. In this case we will have to help our pixelated friend reach the top, avoiding obstacles and enemies. Guaranteed fun.

Thomas Was Alone

We are facing another game that without making too much noise, or handling a giant budget, has earned the respect and admiration of users. Using a good plot, images that we find attractive and a lot of love. It is the recipe on which this game is based.



to connect without stopping

Unite points of colors, a priori, nothing exciting, or not? Under an extreme simplicity hides an addictive game, of these to disconnect, that has you hooked. Do not be fooled by appearances.

Ice Age Village

Help the adorable Ice Age characters in their adventure to create a new home. In addition we will find fun minigames together with the possibility of competing against the villages of our friends.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the great games of cars that we can enjoy on our smartphones. It offers a fairly complete gaming experience, with more than 140 cars available and a multiplayer mode to challenge your friends.

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

Unlike the previous one, in this case we are facing a simulator. Being able to choose between 71 cars and 13 real circuits, together with the choice of playing alone or in multiplayer mode, it is a game that has to be given a chance.


Defender II

A strategy game in which we must defend our towers. For this we will use dragons, lava, mana and a range of weapons, it is compatible with gamepad and Google TV.


Monument Valley

Another great game, in which we will guide our silent princess through an exquisitely designed world. We will use architecture and geometry in amazing ways to achieve our goal. Totally recommended.

World of Goo

A game with a careful design to the smallest detail. We will live an adventure full of discoveries, love, beauty, energy and conspiracy. If we add to all this the multiplayer option we have guaranteed fun.

Tomb of the Mask

A very peculiar arcade for its pixel art tone and for being very addictive. It offers simplicity of control when having to use the gestures to hit the different walls of the levels to find the exit.

Zombie Age 3

A saga of zombie games that stands out for the variety of charactersand weapons that you will have to bring destruction to the streets of the city infested by walkers.

Retrocity Rampage

If you are looking for a GTA with pixel art and 2D on your mobile device to what was the first of that legendary saga, Retrocity Rampage is ideal. Not only because of how well it is conceived, but for those moments in which it reminds of mythical Hollywood films.

Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World brings more levels, monsters and content to what is one of the most particular endless runners . It includes the concept of ?worlds? in which each one has five levels.

Ghosts N ?Goblins

CAPCOM returns a classic with Ghosts N ?Goblins who has managed to bring Android to help Sir Arthur Sir Arthur in his adventures for those spooky worlds full of gruesome characters.

Hearth Star

One of the most original platforms that we have been able to meet lately and in which the protagonist takes two nice characters who will have to take each other to finish the levels. Special.

Yobot Run

A monochromatic platform with a retro visual style that draws from the source of inspiration that Nintendo has always been and its great Mario, and from which we have Super Mario Run for days. Elegance in the pixel with Yobot Run.

Dan the Man

One of the highest quality arcade action platforms that has been published in the Google Play Store in recent years. Designed by HalfBrick Studios, supporters of JetPack Joyride and Fruit Ninja, it makes a good mix of punches, kicks, magical powers and many levels to unlock.

Hill Climb Racing 2 ? free wifi games

Finally came the second part of the acclaimed Hill Climb Racing that was so successful in the Play Store. Although based on the multiplayer, you can play it offline to try to get as far as possible through the hills.

Alto?s Adventure ? best no wifi games for free

When we are waiting for its continuation to arrive for summer, Alto?s Adventure is one of the most beautiful videogames in Android. The change of lighting between the different meteorological events, such as rain, makes the screen look like never before, while we slide the snowboard over the mountains.

Pixel Dungeon -best offline games ever

A totally free rogue-like in which you will have to explore all the levels of the dungeon to survive as you can before being eliminated. You?ll have to get used to die a lot in this video game that boasts a great pixel art.

Limbo -good offline games for kid

Another videogame that is distinguished by its great finish in the artistic and visual to take us before the most peculiar puzzles and that use the physics of objects. We must put the accent on the successful animations of the protagonist.


Possibly we are facing one of the best RPG survival focused on a futuristic world we have in the Play Store. It is payment, but it is worth every penny to take us to a large content in which we can highlight the generation of land in a random way and the great diversity in the creation of objects.

Square Enix GO Series

The GO series of Square Enix is sublime and we highlight the three that have in the Play Store Lara Croft GO for bringing us the great heroine and their puzzles with a very special touch at the graphic level. One of the indispensable. hope you liked our article on free games without wifi.

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