The Controversy of Bret Weinstein Explained — The Evergreen Scandal

I am a fan of deconstruction. I like the concept. I like the concept of focusing on minorities and providing people the same opportunities that white people get in Western Culture. I also think, however, that some structure is essential in order to maintain some sort of civilization.

The world is not as black & white as it seems. Science is not about opinions. There must be a right way to live life and it is our duty to discern it.

Some people go to extremes to disagree with postmodernism. They suggest that believing in a postmodern structure will completely destroy our society.

Well, that would be Slippery Slope.

Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism

Jordan Peterson is one of those people. His questions & answers are very popular, not only among more conservative minds.

Jordan Peterson suggests that postmodernism teaches that everything is a social construct. I don?t know if I?d agree with that criticism of postmodernism, completely. I don?t think postmodernism teaches that everything is a social construct. I could be mistaken.

Postmodernism teaches that the only reason there are people at the top is because of the social structure that has established it.

The belief is that the establishment is demoralized. AND ? it is. But the question is: what is the most efficient means of dealing with this? Not: a name-calling tactic that specializes in vague generalizations about large groups of people.

Tribalism: the Fruit of Polarization

We have an outbreak of tribalism on our hands. Which explains what is happening on the far-right, mainly the expressive White Nationalists. And on the left, where conservatives are demonized.

Xenophobia is a Biological Issue ? not Only a Cultural Issue

Frans de Waal spent a lifetime observing the social behaviour of nonhuman animals such as monkeys, he suggests that people tend to be Xenophobic due to our evolution as a species. Waal writes,

?Universally, humans treat outsiders far worse than members of their own community: in fact, moral rules hardly seem to apply to the outside? ? (Effective Altruism, 76).

Xenophobia is not only a cultural problem ? it is a biological problem.

The Relationship Between Political Belief and Personality

Your political belief is strongly determined by your temperament. ? Jordan Peterson.

Peterson believes that it is striking how distinct character types will have similar political beliefs.

For example, liberals tend to be (on average) high in creativity and low in conscientiousness. Right-wing individuals tend to be more orderly, he says.

It is notable that the Germans were very orderly, everything needed to be clean in the early 20th century. Hence, Hitler?s racial cleansing.

It is one thing to posit it, and quite another to measure it. Peterson believes it?s measurable. And he elaborates on that in his talk with Bret Weinstein and Joe Rogan.

If you are not a fan of generalizations, then you are not a fan of psychology. Psychology is basically a social science full of generalizations of theories and studies that are temporarily of interest, or will be to the future generation.

?Get the idea in your head that you have the potential to do great evil. Take responsibility for that and try to put your life together.? ? Jordan Peterson

Evolutionary Biologists ? Biological Essentialism

The biota does what it does. Those of us that look at that, will be ?deeply politically incorrect.? The idea that the truth of biology will be unacceptable, is scary, Bret Weinstein believes.

Biology is not politically correct. What our genes want is not necessarily what we want. People honestly want science to be more ?polite? or ?politically correct,? which seems absurd.

Political correctness does not permit the honesty of science anymore. ? Bret Weinstein

The Battle for Free Speech

We have to have the freedom to be the only ones to believe something. ? Bret Weinstein

The people at the center are not going to innovate to make things better for themselves. The ones on the edges of culture, the oppressed, will work around the system to create new means to express themselves.

If you are not in the position of torment in a social structure or abuse of some sort, even if it?s just mental, you will be less likely to want to put in the work to create a solution to the problem.

It is the individual that is the savior of the collective. ? Jordan Peterson

Arguably that means that if you are privileged, you are less likely to notice it.

I want to criticize the TOP. I am not at the top whatsoever. Criticism is important. The left has an opportunity to both criticize and listen. We all wish for a properly functioning democracy, so let?s make sure that we balance them both.

The Tolerance of Criticism

As I?ve mentioned before, Christianity is a recurring topic of critique on my blog. In the past, I?ve made it clear that I believe in cultural Christianity.

By cultural Christianity I mean: getting together and reading, worshiping, talking about philosophical problems, and having fellowship together. It is very intriguing.

I once was a Christian (quite an intense one) so I understand why the belief is attractive to so many marginalized people that don?t belong anywhere.

The only problem with Christianity is, when you actually start believing in the morality of the Bible. When you prioritize commandments that God wants of you(e.g. preach the gospel to all nations), over educating people on things that actually matter (e.g. climate change, a vegan diet, meditation, politeness, critical thinking, etc.).

I think it would be of more importance to educate children on taxes, science, physics, philosophy, sex, sexual orientation from a scientific/biological/factual perspective, not based on fiction.

It has little to do with opinion and a lot to do with observation. We observe again and again and we get closer to the truth, which is seemingly unattainable. That is okay.

?It needs to be okay to criticize bad ideas? (Sam Harris).

Do we believe in free speech? Because if we do, we will take the time to assess these truths and question ourselves. It is of the most essence to progress.

I expect people to question my views as well. That is what the quest of philosophy is: questioning.

Everyone needs a voice. Why are people so scared of extremists? They always come and they always go in a civil society. Maybe I am too optimistic about our society, but I think that we could be progressing forward if we refocus our attention towards reflection and reasonable voices. It is important to listen to educated minds when in the process of forming opinions.

Final Thoughts

Take in as many voices as possible. You should expect garbage to get in there somewhere, that is all fine and well.

If you think and keep thinking, you will most likely, be able to provide arguments to disagree with those loud voices that persuade the people you most care for.

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