The 6 best bots for premium Discord servers

2. Reaction Role

Keeping your discord platform engaging and interactive is the goal of Reaction Role. It?s one of the best role reaction bots in Discord. You can automatically assign preset roles to members based on how they react to a post, which can be extremely helpful. Roles can be assigned to users automatically as soon as they click on a specific reaction emoji. Let?s take an example. If you send a post that said, ?Please select your country to receive a notification whenever someone posts about it,? then based on your users? selections, they get to choose their countries of interest, using flag emojis.

Later, when someone posts about a country then only the people that are interested in it will get notified. Fun, and helpful and so much easier than having admins manually add roles to members based on requests.

3. Ticket Tool

Running a large Discord server requires an organized way of handling support requests. Without a ticket system, support requests can easily become disorganized and overwhelming. This can lead your main chat channels to become overrun with support questions greatly frustrating both admins and users.

With Ticket Tool, members that require support can simply create a ticket in your server which will automatically add them to a private channel with the appropriate admins (which you can select). It notifies the staff letting them know that a ticket was opened. It also makes it possible to categorize tickets, so you can easily find all your support tickets in one place. Behind every successful Discord server is a top-notch support team. Tools to help make their job easier are a must.

4. LaunchPass

Our subscribers picked us as one of the best Discord bots. Thanks! LaunchPass for Discord allows you to charge members to access your server; an add-on tool to easily transform your online community into a business. LaunchPass simplifies your dream of launching your online business in any area of your interest. We accept all major payment methods and you just need a few minutes to set up your subscription-based discord server.

5. Giveaway Bot

One of the best ways to increase traffic and engagement in your discord server is by holding giveaways. If you?ve held giveaways, you?d know it isn?t easy. Giveaway Bot greatly simplifies the process. It helps you create automated giveaways, where users can enter a giveaway by reacting to a post. The bot will automatically draw the winner or winners after a certain amount of time. All of which is configurable by the owner. It?s that easy!

6. Dyno

Dyno is another excellent option for automating your Discord moderation. It issues warnings to users when they use words or external links that are against community guidelines. Dyno keeps logs of everything that happens in your server, from logging the use of banned words, the use of invite links or when staff deletes a user message, deletes channels, deletes roles, etc.

It also has a ton of different modules that are worth exploring. Auto-responder is a particularly helpful feature that responds with text or images when specific words are used in your server. It can also send welcome messages to new users that join your server which we definitely recommend doing to assist with user onboarding and greeting new members.

What is Your Favorite Discord Bot?

With so many available, we know we might have missed some of the best discord bots in our list, so please let us know your top picks and we?ll include them in our next update. Discord is an amazing platform to share text and voice streams ? it?s definitely a powerful new way to launch a subscription business online.

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