Spreading Milkweed, Not Myths

Monarch caterpillar on common milkweed by Joanna Gilkeson, USFWS.

Myth #3: Milkweed is only useful to monarchs.

This is just false. There are a number of species that use milkweed nectar and some will even eat various parts of the plant (like the milkweed bug!).

Monarch on milkweed by Tom Koerner, USFWS

All in all, planting milkweed is a sure way to help save the monarch. So let?s spread milkweed and cut back on the myths. Find native milkweed seeds near you.

The blog was inspired by Milkweed misconceptions from Monarch Joint Venture

Additional References: Milkweed FAQs Conservation Practitioner?s GuideUSDA Milkweed

Posted by Danielle Brigida, USFWS