DNA sites you can upload raw DNA data to get additional analysis

Hey there, I?m a DNA Geek. I took many genetic tests such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA, and even got my raw Whole Genome data (100% of DNA)! Let me share my experiences with those genetic testing services. This post is about DNA sites that I?ve tried out with my raw DNA data.

DNA Sites 101 ? You can upload your raw DNA data to get additional analyses!

If you?ve taken a genetic test, you should be able to download your raw DNA data (here?s how for 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage). The raw data itself is not super useful, but, by uploading it to third-party sites, they can analyze your raw data against their own databases for more information from your DNA. You usually can get these at discounted prices or for free. Here?s a list of such sites:

Get ?More? free analysis1. Genomelink ? FREE2. Promethease

Ancestry & Family Finder3. GEDmatch ? FREE4. MyTrueAncestry 5. MyHeritage DNA 6. FamilyTreeDNA7. LivingDNA8. African Ancestry

Health9. Nebula Genomics10. SelfDecode11. Xcode Life

Wellness12. Genopalate13. Athletigen14. FitnessGenes15. Vitagene16. DNAFit

Research27. Sano Genetics18. Luna DNA

DNA App Store19. Sequencing.com20. Gene Plaza

Get ?More? free analysis

1. Genomelink ? FREE

Do you share DNA with ancient Hunter-gatherers?
The report comes with rich genealogy contents.

2. Promethease

This site will give you a free DNA analysis with a data upload. But, the true power of Nebula is their ability to sequence your Whole Genome.

Price: Free DNA Upload + Analysis, $299-$999 for Whole Genome SequencingType: Whole Genome SequencingCharacteristics: As one of the only providers of a Whole Genome Sequence, this company covers thousands of times more DNA data than a simple SNP test.

?We use Whole Genome Sequencing to decode 100% of your DNA and produce 10,000 times more data than other DNA tests like 23andMe and AncestryDNA. Begin a lifetime of discovery with full access to your genomic data, weekly updates based on the latest scientific discoveries, advanced ancestry analysis, and powerful genome exploration tools.?

Nebula Genomics is an awesome company because it is the only company offering cheap Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS). The difference is huge ? regular SNP testing only covers about 0.02% of your entire genome. Nebula will sequence the entire thing, giving you access to all of the scientific discoveries yet to be uncovered!

10. SelfDecode

An upload to this DNA site means you have the chance to become a part-owner of the company! When researchers use your data, you get compensated with more shares of ownership.

Price: FreeType: ResearchCharacteristics: By submitting your DNA to researchers, you can actually gain a stake in the Luna DNA company, an investment that can grow over time!

?Transform Your Community. Individuals are not the ?subjects? of research. We see people as partners in discovery, and we do it the only way it should be done ? with people, for people, by people.?

As an awesome twist on DNA research, Luna DNA actually rewards you for your contribution to science by making you a shareholder of the company. You read that right ? simply by contributing, you can be part-owner of a company that aims to change the future of DNA research. Assumingly, this ownership will be sold at a later date to make a profit from your DNA contribution.

App Stores for DNA Discovery:

19. Sequencing.com

The DNA apps in this marketplace can analyze many different aspects of your data. Upload once and this site will allow you to connect many different apps.

Price: Free ? $199Type: App MarketplaceCharacteristics: Claiming to be the largest DNA App marketplace, this site will store your DNA and allow you to use it with many different apps that can offer different insights into your genes.

?Outsmart your Genes ? Access more DNA discoveries than has ever before been possible.?

Like an app store for DNA data, Sequencing.com provides free, confidential storage of your genetic data and access to a large selection of apps that transform your data into useful information. Currently, it partners with companies like LIFE NOME.

20. Gene Plaza

The apps on this App Marketplace allow you to connect your DNA upload to many different services. This site has dozens of apps ready to analyze many different aspects of your data.

Price: $4 ? $48Type: DNA App MarketplaceCharacteristics: Similar to the above, an App Marketplace allows you to select individual reports and apps al-la-carte ? with a focus on privacy!

?A marketplace for Genetic Reports. Your DNA, Your Choice. Privacy over Profit. No Data for Sale.?

Gene Plaza stores your DNA securely and integrates with an ever-growing list of apps that can give you reports on everything from wellness to ancestry traits. Apps range from as little as $4 for simple reports to nearly $50 for larger, more complex reports. But, you can pick and choose exactly which apps you want to try, and your DNA will be securely stored.

Did you find anything interesting? Please clap if you liked this post! I?d love to hear your experiences with the products and services above or anything else you?ve tried. Please leave your comments and share what you?ve found!