Explaining the CTMU (Cognitive Theoretic Model Of The Universe).

Reality perceiving itself.

Coherency Is Good, Incoherency is evil.

With a final word on UBT, since it always exists (is always present) because it is the the logical negation of logic (Logic’s antithesis) it exists as a neccessary complement to logic, and reality is constantly defining itself from out of it.

This can be understood in more poetic terms as the absence of light is darkness, or darkness is the absence of light. It follows onward that reality is in a process of choosing what it is (which always involves choosing what it isn?t). That is, it is deciding itself by negation, by negating itself.

The problem of evil can be resolved then by understanding that evil is whatever is incoherent (UBT) (since incoherency destroys meaning) good can be understood to be whatever is coherent, what is whole and that reality is choosing not to be evil by resolving its own meaning with respect to constraint. This means that evil will ultimately be destroyed, but that destruction must logically be a process (a series of sequential events) that must take place, it’s logically required for the destruction of evil to occur.

A good way to get and idea of this, in life advice style, is Physicist David Bohm?s discussion on wholeness https://youtu.be/mDKB7GcHNac

Reality As a Mind.

The CTMU proves that reality is a self aware, self conscious construct, aka it is intelligent. In order to show this, one will have to have a definition of what intelligence is. Deep learning is a field of Machine learning that uses many layered neural networks (mathematical objects that approximate the neural networks of the brain, which are mathematical themselves).

(Shown below, the structural and mathematical similarities between a silicon based neuron and a biological one):

Neurons are mathematical objects that take in inputs (data or information)(see under the input heading in the picture) and combine them with weights (Biases or the bias of the neuron) and outputs a function that is a combination of those inputs and biases with respect to a learning rate. The human brain contains approximately 100 billion of these neurons running in parallel in order to compute an output classification, based on the input it receives and its guess on the relevance of that input (its bias or beliefs).

From this explanation we can understand intelligence to be an information processing and information generating system. As it takes in information (that is information in the sense of certain possibilities selected, to the exclusion of other possibilities that could be selected) applies a mathematical procedure to it, and transforms it into an output state, generating information.

If the brain is processing information, then all of its sub components must be as well (although at different levels of complexity).

So it follows therefore if this type of generalized information processing capability can be show to exist at the foundational blocks of reality (component particles) then reality can be show to be everywhere, at all times, processing and generating information.

Let’s see if we can show that an atom is processing information:

A diagram of electron energy transfers.

When an electron is struck by electromagnetic radiation (informational input) the electron jumps up or down into a lower or higher energy orbit depending on the wavelength (the type of input) of the radiation it receives. It then outputs (information generation or state transformation) a photon with a wavelength depending on the energy level wavelength of the photon that was inputted into it and therefore the maximal or minimal possible energy it can output (bias).

In this case the bias would be the energy threshold of the atomic system, if it exceeds a certain lower or higher end bound then we will have radioactive decay. This is an example of an invariant limit to what can be actualized in reality, with some hefty room for variance in between.

The bias in the human brain’s neural operators can obviously also be variant (like true or false beliefs) but not past the bounds that are set by matters invariant limits. This is a form of constraint which allows freedom to exist, constraint is necessary for freedom, because to constrain something is to define it, and to define it is to give it rules (the laws of physics). If it were undefined we wouldn’t exist, and reality would collapse back into the primordial realm of UBT.

If an atom wasn?t doing anything like information processing, then brains cannot be doing information processing. The parts make up the whole.

This shows that what atoms are doing is ultimately information processing as well, assigning them a real, yet very base form of intelligence and self awareness. Because the radiation that is being received by the electron of one atom is not coming from another electron on an atom that exists outside of reality, (since reality contains all that is real) this makes reality everywhere, at all times, perceiving itself in an act of contemplation or self modeling (which is what minds do).

Since information has to exist in order to be processed, information must be processing itself, at different variant (Human)and invariant levels (Physics).

This makes reality a stratified intelligent information processing continuum, with the ability to perceive itself distributed everywhere at different levels of capability. To be is to be perceived, to be is to be in communion (communication) with self, being as communion.

Reality is everywhere self similar and self processing, a symmetry.

It exists as a meta-cybernetic system. Meta, meaning something of a higher or second-order kind and Cybernetic, meaning a communications and automatic control system in both machines and living things.

Furthermore since what these processes are doing is ultimately mathematical and mathematics is a language (and language is the only possible way to commune) reality is a Self Processing Self Configuring Language (SCSPL).

Unavoidable Self Reference In Logic.

An example of a semantic tautology.

SCSPL language can be reduced down to its base mathematical logical parts, tautologies (since all language relies on tautologies in order to exist because a tautology is a statement that is true by necessity or by virtue of its logical form).

A ? A

1 or 0.

In order to generate information one must select from a tautological matrix, so selecting A out of either A or not A is a mathematical procedure that generates infromation. But where do the tautologies come from that allow information generation? They come from themselves. A or not A can only be reduced to a tautology, meaning tautologies everywhere contain themselves.

As an example:

(A ? A) ? (A ? A)

For any logical expression to occur, the base prime movers of language expression must necessarily contain themselves, or they will be prevented from allowing any type of coherent expression.

Since they contain themselves they are always self expressing themselves.

This self-inclusive logic validates the proposition ?reality contains all that is real? for if the set of all sets cannot contain itself, then even partial containment is impossible, proving logic to be impossible to use to perceive.


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This will conclude part 1 of explaining the CTMU, up next will be Russell’s paradox and the supposed problems of self inclusion as well as undeniable proof of your immortality.