8 Sexiest, Most Badass Greek Goddesses

So, is Artemis seeing anyone or?

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Said to be the first entity born of original Chaos, Nyx was regarded as one of, if not the most beautiful primordial deity to have ever reigned. She happened to be so powerful that Homer himself called her the ?subduer of gods and men?, and even big baller Zeus got spooked by the awesome power of Nyx. Since Nyx depicted the literal concept of night, she is seen as a catalyst to our darkest desires and actions. She brings the darkness, and all the dirty secrets hiding in the shadows such as dreams, sexual pleasures and death.

You know, all the juicy stuff.

Nyx had many children- all of which embody something gloominous connected to the night, such as Hypnos (the personification of sleep), Moros (god of impending doom) or Nemesis (goddess of retribution). She was often depicted as an extreme beauty, dressed in black with a dark halo, emerging from her sexy lair Tartarus in the depths of the underworld. Sounds very Angelina circa 1999 if you ask me.

2. Aphrodite

Group- Olympians

Known as- Goddess of love and beauty

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Aphrodite is probably one of the most familiar of the goddesses, but in my opinion, with the oddest back story. Stories actually conflict on her birth but the consensus seems to suggest that she appeared when the Titan Cronus castrated his father Uranus and threw his dangly bits into the ocean- from it arose a beautiful foam, and from that emerged a fully formed, sexy Aphrodite. Hell of a conception story if you ask me.

Now, Aphrodite as one of the original goddesses of beauty and love was by all accounts a total hottie, so it?s no surprise really that she put it about a bit on Mount Olympus. She had relationships with Ares, Poseidon, Adonis and Dionysus (despite already being hitched to Hephaestus- awkward) and had a shed load of kids between the various gods. Although she always looked beautiful with jewellery and a pretty smile, she remained a bit of a weak, basic goddess according to the Iliad.

It?s hardly surprising with all those kids running about Mt. Olympus though. Bet she was wiped.

3. Psyche

Group- Mortals

Known as- Goddess of the soul

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Psyche had not been born a goddess but actually a mortal princess and daughter of a wealthy King. Psyche?s two sisters were both very lovely looking, but nothing compared to the stunning beauty of Psyche, and people would travel from nearby villagers to worship her exceptional beauty. She was adored and pampered like a deity, but her worship took praise away from the goddesses which they disliked.

Aphrodite got a bit jelly at all of the attention that Psyche was receiving, and after Psyche fell in love with Aphrodite?s son Eros, Aphrodite set Psyche some pretty bitchy tasks to complete if she ever wanted to be with her son. These included such delights as fetching water from a river guarded by serpents. Lovely stuff.

Undeterred however, Psyche completed all of her tasks like a boss. Unfortunately and despite her efforts though, good ol? Aphrodite ?Karen? still wouldn?t relent. The ensuing ruckus caused big daddy Zeus to get involved, who obviously felt for the poor Psyche. He made Psyche immortal and brought her to Olympus to join the gods and be with her man Eros forever.

That?s the kinda ride or die I?m looking for, just saying.

4. Persephone

Group- Olympians

Known as- Goddess of the underworld

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Persephone was well known for being an exceptionally beautiful maiden, the personification of vegetation, and the daughter of Demeter who is the goddess of the fertile earth. One day whilst out picking flowers, Hades abducted Persephone and took her away to be his wife in the underworld. Hades found himself raptured by Persephone?s beauty, and wanted her to sit by his side in the underworld as his queen for all time.

Because of Persephone?s stunning nature and looks, she was favoured in the underworld and helped many people adjust to their new life there. Hades built her a beautiful garden, and she saw a side to him that nobody else saw, falling deeply in love with him. Demeter grieved desperately for her daughter, searching the world high and low. When she understood that Hades had taken Persephone, she threatened to never again allow the earth to be fertile if Persephone could not return from the underworld.

As usual Zeus stuck his lightning rod in the equation and an agreement was reached that Persephone would spend three months of the year with Hades in the underworld, and the rest with her mother on Mount Olympus. This explains the changing seasons- in winter Persephone returns to the underworld and her mother grieves so the land is barren, but when she returns in spring, the land once again becomes bountiful.

Persephone?s beauty is often depicted as pale with ?locks of golden hair?. And with a husband like Hades, she had to be a little freak.

5. Artemis

Group- Olympians

Known as- Virgin goddess of the moon, the huntress

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Artemis (sometimes referred to as Diana) was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and twin sister of Apollo. Best known as being a protector of women, goddess of the moon and animals, and a pure virgin. Although beautiful, Artemis was a TOTAL badass and could certainly look after herself if need be. Her birth story tells the tale that she arrived first, and assisted her mother with the birth of her own twin brother Apollo. Talk about a spark plug.

Artemis also detested the male of the species, and openly opposed marriage and the corresponding loss of freedom for women. Once, when a male hunter couldn?t help himself but stare at the gorgeous Artemis bathing naked, she was so enraged by the cheek of it that she turned him into stag. Big dick energy or what. She oozed sexy and independent vibes, and just liked to roll with her maidens in the forest.

Artemis never actually had any children and fair enough, didn?t hook up with a bunch of the gods after one too many Ambrosia?s like some of the others on the list, but her commitment to the cause of her own chastity and purity surely requires a sexy, independent salute.

6. Hebe

Group- Olympians

Known as- Goddess of youth and forgiveness

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Hebe is an interesting goddess as she was known as the cupbearer and used to feed the nectar of the gods, Ambrosia, to them. Like a high-end seductive barista. She had the highly revered powers of restoring youth, and her ?fair maiden? vibe meant many worshipped Hebe as a goddess of forgiveness.

Hebe embodied the spirit of play and helpfulness and would help her mother Hera into her chariot, run a bath for Ares and no doubt feed grapes to Aphrodite. Despite her epic beauty and faithfulness to the gods, Hebe managed to get royally dismissed when she tripped one day and her dress was thrown open exposing her naked body. Inconvenient whilst on shift to say the least. But it didn?t stop Heracles (or Hercules as we know him) putting a ring on it and making Hebe his wife, so maybe the accidental flash did her a favour.

7. Eos

Group- Titans

Known as- The personification of dawn

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Eos materialised as the daughter of the god and goddess of light and heavenly light respectively (Hyperion and Theia), so she was a bit of a firecracker to say the least. Eos reigned as the personification of dawn and each day she would rise from the ocean, opening up heaven?s pearly gates and bringing illumination along the way. Described as an unbelievable beauty, rosy and golden in colour with beautiful white wings, she?s starting to sound more and more like a Victoria?s Secret Angel by the minute.

Eos had a few lovers throughout her time including the hunters Orion and Cephalus, but it was with her husband Astraeus that Eos interestingly enough birthed the Morning Star (Phosphorus) or who we commonly refer to as Lucifer. Credit where it?s due though- she looks like that AND has Lucifer as a child. Respect.

8. Athena

Group- Olympians

Known as- Virgin goddess of wisdom

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Athena is another goddess with a kick ass origin story. When Athena?s mother Metis found herself pregnant with her, Zeus feared that Metis would have a son that would overthrow him. As a result, he thought the best course of action would be to swallow a pregnant Metis and yeah, suppose that would do it. Seems like an optimal time to point out that Zeus clearly had some severe daddy issues that he was contending with at this stage in his life.

Despite his best fatherly efforts, Athena sprang fully grown from Zeus? head, all dressed up in her war clobber and ready to paint the town red (literally.) Athena?s enduring legend in planning war strategies and looking at the bigger picture is so immense that the city of Athens was named after her. She?s wise and strong and definitely the goddess I want in my corner if sh*t ever goes down.

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