Yes My Dear, All White People Are Racists

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

First, learn what racism is, and what it?s not. I need White people to understand that all White people are racist.

Admit it, and let?s move onto the business of repairing and healing the country. We can?t do it without you.

Yes my dears, all White people are racists. All. Of. Them.

One thought on “Yes My Dear, All White People Are Racists

  1. After traveling around this globe we call Earth, it has come to my attention EVERYONE is raciest or has prejudice in one form or another. White people do not have the patent on prejudice. The Southern Chinese (Cantonese) do not like the Northern Chinese (Manderine). The Thai’s think the Laotians are stupid hillbilly folk. The rich are afraid of the poor because they fear poverty. The poor dislike the rich because they think they will never achieve wealth. And on . . . and on . . . and on . . .

    So how do we end this? By seeing what you like in people, not what you dislike. Focus on what you have in common, not your differences. You may find we are all more alike than different.

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