The Hidden Meaning of Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’

The symbolic iconography of the masterpiece

The portrayal of the human birth process in the paintingSource-Public Domain

Another research published was by a group of Italian researchers who interpreted God situated in a postpartum uterus and Adam lying on a woman?s torso.

  1. The brown arrow represents God?s figure juxtaposing with the postpartum uterus.
  2. The yellow arrow resembles the folds of the mucosa of the uterus in the postpartum period. The folds seem to appear only after the delivery and retraction of the uterus muscle.
  3. The blue arrow represents the uterine cervix.
  4. Adam seems to be resting on a rock which in ancient iconography portrays generating mother. The orange arrow depicts the nipple of a female body.
  5. And, the green-colored scarf hanging out signifies the newly cut umbilical cord.

The portrayal of Eve?s Rib

The research done by the Clinical Anatomy journal represented the extra hidden rib on the left side of Adam?s torso as the rib of Eve. This again depicted the in-depth anatomy skills of Michelangelo and portrayed that Adam and Eve were created together. This interpretation was also against the Christian belief which states that Eve was created after Adam.


It is difficult to interpret historical work in a contemporary context but Michelangelo’s knowledge of human anatomy convinced the art historians that everything in this painting has an explanation.

This art is a classic example of how Michelangelo encompassed the creation of the human race in one painting.

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