English Dirty Words You Should Never Say

?Bad words

?Curse words

?Cuss words

All of those lead to profanity if you use them online. Do not use curse words unless you want to be banned fromFacebook or blacklisted by your followers. If they are cocksuckers, they deserve it

But if you are just having fun with no personal offense to anyone, it?s okay then. Actually, sometimes it?s even good to know WHEN and WHAT you should say to be on the same page with the crowd. IFYWIM.

What are the bad words?

fuck, shit, cock, titties, boner, muff, pussy, asshole, cunt, ass, cockfoam, nigger.

to name a few 🙂

Honestly, many people accuse the English language of being too scarce on bad words. They say there is just the F-word and that?s about it. They are right in some way. But let?s face it, people must doing more than just dropping the F-bomb. People would never be able to survive with just that one word for when shit hits the fan.

I am a big fan of the Silicon Valley series. We even tailored a full ESL course based on the TV series. Once I got an idea to make a list of all bad words used by the TV series characters. Whoah! The list came out too long so today I?m sharing just the words from one episode with you, folks:

Holy shit! ? is one of our faves when we want to express surprise, anger or whatever.

cool shit!/shit codebase /What a shit circus!/Oh, shit!

beat the shit out of someone

look like shit

You?re fucking piece of shit!

Fuck! ? the most widely used curse word. Let?s see how we can use it.


What the fuck just happened?/What the fuck is going on here?

(Respectfully), shut the fuck up!

They may go fuck themselves

I?m fucking with you

Your software can choke on my fucking balls

I?ll show you fucking vision

fucking prick

Oh, for fuck?s sake!

Are you fucking serious right now?

Let?s fucking do this!

fuck off

Cake as in ?cake your pants? ? the cutest curse ever!

His company caked its pants

Bitch! or Biatch if you watch your language

son of a bitch or SOB

backstabbing bitch

Dick, cock, pussy, ass. Balls are in as well!

Why don?t you choke on my ball?



You saved my ass

I was suck a dick to you

You are working your ass off

suck his dick


Now, that?s just one episode full of curse words.

Imagine your English after you have seen at least one season of Silicon Valley? You will speak like a pro 🙂

Trust me, there is much more to what I have highlighted in this article, join our Summer Video Course to pick up on real English ?