+85 Oreo flavors — The complete list of all Oreo flavors.

What the ? Oreo!!!

That or something should be your shout out when you look at this list. It?s really amazing how many Oreo tastes there are. The focus was only on the tastes. So, for example, Oreo Mega Stuf, Oreo Original Cookies and Oreo Double Stuf belong to one taste! There are also different Oreo manufacturers for the different regions in the world. Thus Kraft, Mondelez, and Nabisco produce Oreos. In the following, a double listing of the different manufacturers with the same flavors is also avoided!

Are you ready for the most phenomenal listing of all Oreo tastes?

You might even know some of these already! I guarantee for a colorful journey through the Oreo assortment!

1. Nabisco Oreo Original Cookies

The Oreos will still be known to most people. These are even the Oreos that are already established in Europa. In Germany, they are mainly known in a cardboard box with several stripes. Of course, the USA has bigger packaging, because ?bigger is better?.

2. Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Creme

We?re starting slowly. These Oreos have a chocolate cream instead of the classic vanilla cream. Just the right thing for all chocolate lovers!

3. Nabisco Oreo Golden

Anyone who has ever had a holiday in Spain will know these Oreos. Instead of the classic Oreo cookie, you will get the Golden Oreo here. The cookie is a butter cookie. The filling is still the classic one. However, this ?small change? results in a completely different taste.

4. Mondelez Oreo Strawberry Cheesecake

Oreo with Strawberry filling. Exactly the right thing fruit lovers are looking for!

5. Mondelez Milk Chocolate Coated

Your favorite oreo cookie has now moved with white chocolate! The naked madness! Even if you can?t talk about naked madness anymore, because: Your Oreos are now ?coated?.

6. Mondelez White Choc Coated

Of course, we also took care of the white chocolate friends among you!

7. Oreo Red Velvet Cream

Oreo Red Velvet looks quite unspectacular at first sight. However, this is not the classic filling, but a Cream Cheeses Flavored Creme. Exactly the cream you find in a Red Velvet cake.

8. Oreo Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake taste. A bestseller from the USA! The cream can be compared to the taste of the Benjamin flower cake!

9. Nabisco Oreo Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is simply a constantly growing segment in Germany. Already a classic in the USA, peanut butter here in Germany has to face a battle with the chocolate-hazelnut spread, especially as a spread. So far still number 1 in Germany.

10. Nabisco Oreo Mint

For most very probably something to get used to. Because here the classic Oreo filling is replaced by a mint cream. But even for not mint fans a true dream experience, because the cream harmonizes perfectly with the biscuit.

11. Nabisco Oreo Lemon Cream

One butter biscuit with lemon cream, please.That?s what you get with this crazy cookie. Especially for the summer days a great taste!

12. Nabisco Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Sandwich

Butter biscuit, chocolate cream + peanut buttercream. A true dream for all cake fans. The Nabisco really manages to create a perfect cake taste thanks to the buttery biscuit.

13. Nabisco Carrot Cake

Meanwhile, we know it from the cake variations that Nabisco has offered us so far. Butter biscuit meets carrot cake cream.

14. Nabisco Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

All Black Everything! Classic biscuit meets dark chocolate cream. Perfect for all dark chocolate lovers!

15. Nabisco Oreo Cookie Butter Creme

Bull?s-eye! Butter Biscuit + Butter Biscuit Cream = Dream for all Butter Biscuit fans!

16. Nabisco Oreo Cherry Cola Oreo

This Oreo taste is definitely one of the craziest and newest tastes that Nabisco has to offer. Especially the filling with its half white and red-colored cream catches the eye! Oreo Cherry Cola is also one of the winners of the #myoreocreation contest.

17. Nabisco Oreo Halloween Cookie

In the USA one of the most popular and most celebrated holidays! An Extra Edition Oreos should not be missing. The cookie no longer has the classic Oreo engraving, but this was complemented by a face, which is otherwise known from the well-known annual pumpkin carvings.

18. Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Creme Golden

Golden biscuit and chocolate cream filling. A combination that definitely fits like a fist on the eye!

19. Nabisco Kettle Corn Oreos

Also, a product that participated in the #myoreocreation contest. Kettle Corn is boiled corn and can be compared to popcorn. Only the Kettle Corn has a more intense and no fluffy crust.

20. Nabisco Heads or Tails Double Stuf

A dream of a lot of cream filling. If you can?t decide between golden and classic biscuits. Then just take the Heads or Tails because here you get both biscuit varieties.

The colorful journey with the Thins products continues:

21. Nabisco Oreo Thins Bites Fudge Dipped

Oreo Thins Bites are smaller than usual oreo cookies and are therefore already bite-sized pieces that are perfect for traveling and driving. The Oreos are also dunked in fudge. Fudge is compared to toffee.

22. Nabisco Oreo Thins Bites White Fudge Dipped

The same little game as with the Oreo Thins Bites Fudge only the Oreos have moved with white chocolate.

23. Nabisco Oreo Thins Bites Fudge Dipped Mint Creme

The combination of chocolate and mint is definitely reminiscent of After Eight!

24. Nabisco Oreo Thins Bites Fudge Dipped Coconut

Dreamlike combination of chocolate, oreo and coconut cream.

25. Nabisco Oreo Thins Latte Creme

Classic biscuit with latte macchiato cream.

26. Nabisco Oreo Thins Pistachio Creme

Pistachio cream meets oreo. A sure complement to a hearty combination!

27. Nabisco Oreo Thins Pina Colada

Another #myoreocreation candidate Another summery taste in the oreo family.

You think that was weird?

Now are comiung the Limited Edition Oreos.

28. Nabisco Oreo Marshmallow Moon Cookies Limited Edition

It?s been 50 years since the first man was on the moon. This is to be celebrated. For this Oreo has released a Limited Edition. Not only the packaging but also the candle are the title Limited Edition more than value. The packaging glows in the dark and instead of the classical engraving in the Oreokekse are here directly several motives in a packaging. For example, you will find a rocket on the cookie, a space traveler on the moon or the moon with stars. Not only the cookie but also the color of the cream catches the eye!

29. Nabisco Oreo Smores Limited Edition

Graham cookie, marshmallow cream, and chocolate cream. This is the secret formula for the popular and beloved Smores variant. This biscuit comes directly with a double cream filling (marshmallow, chocolate).

30. Nabisco Oreo Game of Thrones Limited Edition

There are few who have not watched the Game of Thrones. But even fewer will have tried the Game of Thrones Oreos in Germany. Completely in black and to celebrate the season finale released Oreo product.

31. Nabisco Oreo Cookie Dough Limited Edition

One thing?s for sure, the Americans are on cookie dough. Here you can get biscuit dough cream on your biscuits. What could be better?

32. Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich Limited Edition

Butter biscuit and chocolate hazelnut spread. For every Nutella lover the only real thing. Unfortunately, it is not a Nutella cream?

33. Nabisco Oreo Marshmallow Crispy Creme Limited Edition

Marshmallow?! We already had that. Yes, that?s true! But this time it?s a Marshmallow Crispy Cream. Marshmallow Crispy is a very popular sweet in the USA and can easily be baked at home.

34. Nabisco Oreo Icecream Rainbow Sandwich Cookies Limited Edition

Rainbow ice cream filling?!?! Have I promised you too much that it will be a really crazy list? The butter biscuit is filled with pink and yellow cream. These colors also alternate like a rainbow.

35. Nabisco Oreo Spring Sandwich Cookies Limited Edition

A seasonal product! However, the taste is the same as with the normal Oreos! For some, it may taste a bit different for the first time: Because the eye usually eats with it!

36. Nabisco Fruity Crisp Oreo Limited Edition

Butter biscuit with vanilla cream filled with small Fruity Crisps (Cereals) A true taste experience, which reminds one or the other of his childhood.

37. Nabisco Oreo Strawberry Shortcake Limited Edition + 38. Nabisco Oreo Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake

Here comes the Limited Edition in a double pack. The same filling with a different taste. Because in the Good Humor (Langnese) version, the filling should remind you of the well-known ice cream variety.

39. Nabisco Oreo Filled Cupcake Limited Edition

How the hell are you supposed to get the Oreo stuffing to taste like a Filled Cupcake?!?!! Nabisco even gave the cream a ?filling? here.

40. Nabisco Oreo Brownie Batter Oreo Limited Edition

Brownie batter on a cookie. What could be nicer?!?!

41. Nabisco Oreo Cotton Candy Oreo Limited Edition

Yes, there is really every taste imaginable. Here?s another proof: cotton candy cream meets Oreo.

42. Nabisco Oreo Toasted Coconut Oreo Limited Edition

We already had coconut cream. But now comes Toasted Coconut. The taste of toasted coconut can be compared to Raffello. Unfortunately, it is not Raffello cream.

43. Nabisco Oreo Key Lime Pie Oreo Limited Edition (Graham Flavored Cookie)

Lime cake-cream!!! As we are used to with most of the Oreo Pie varieties, the Graham biscuit is also used here.

44. Nabisco Pumpkin Spice Oreo Limited Edition

Another Halloween smasher! In any case, nobody can complain that Oreo doesn?t care about the national holidays!

45. Nabisco Gingerbread Oreo Limited Edition

Where are the gingerbread fans?! Welcome to Paradise!

46. Nabisco Winter Oreo Limited Edition

Another seasonal product. As we know it from the seasonal products, they taste exactly like the classic Oreos but look completely different! For some, it may taste different because of the appearance, but it is the same recipe as the classic Oreos

47. Nabisco Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream Limited Edition

Once again a sommerly flavor in the Oreo assortment!

48. Nabisco Oreo Limeade Limited Edition

Oreo with lime cream. Lime we already had that true! But strictly speaking, this is lime water.

49. Nabisco Oreo Lemon Twist Limited Edition

The next lemon flavor in the oreo family!

50. Nabisco Oreo Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Limited Edition

Breathing stops for the Peanut Butter fans. Because Reeses is simply a top brand! World-famous cups with a peanut butter recipe that has never been topped before!

51. Nabisco Oreo Cookies & Creme Limited Edition

Through Oreo it came at all to the Cookies & Creme Hype. Because Cookies & Creme is exactly the taste of the classic Oreokeks + classic Oreo filling. So you have here: Oreos with Oreocreme and in this cream again Oreos!

52. Nabisco Mystery Oreo Limited Edition

Oreo Cookie with secret creme

53. Nabisco PB & J Oreo Limited Edition

No, not pregnant! But a damn delicious combination. Already well established in the USA. The combination of peanut butter and strawberry jam!

54. Nabisco Oreo Caramel Apple Limited Edition

Tastes stay out! The proof: caramel and apple cream!

55. Nabisco Peppermint Creme Oreo Limited Edition

We already had mint: Therefore now also peppermint!

56. Nabisco Chocolate Strawberry Oreo Limited Edition

Chocolate strawberry. Might sound crazy at first. But imagine dunking a strawberry in chocolate: It tastes good!

57. Nabisco Mississippi Mud Pie Oreo Limited Edition

If you want me to explain the Mississippi Mud Pie to you real quick: Chocolate cake with lots of creams. At least that?s how it tastes! So once again a successful oreo cream!

58. Nabisco Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo (Baskin Robbins) Limited Edition

Mint ice cream with chocolate chunks. I?m sure you?ve tried that before. If not, then it?s definitely time to catch up on the next USA trip. This Oreocreme was created in cooperation with Baskin Robbins (Ice coffee chain).

59. Nabisco Watermelon Oreos Limited Edition

Motto continues: Every imaginable taste. With watermelon cream another catch on a long, long list!

60. Nabisco Root Beer Float Oreos Limited Edition

Not as the name suggests, it is not an alcoholic drink. However, it is a beer free of alcohol. Here in Germany, it is also called herbal beer. In the USA a very popular and widespread drink. The probably best-known Root Beer brand is A&W.

61. Nabisco Banana Split Oreos Limited Edition

The Oreo Banana Split has a dark and a light cookie. As well as a banana and a chocolate cream side.

62. Nabisco Creamsicle Oreo Limited Edition

You definitely know Creamsicle ice cream. That?s the orange ice cream with milk filling! A real blast!

63. Nabisco Waffles & Syrup Oreo Limited Edition

Waffles and syrup is of course not a secret recipe! But as this as an oreo cream. A simply incredibly good idea!

64. Nabisco Oreo Buttered Popcorn Limited Edition

From now on you can go to the cinema and enjoy popcorn without having to do without Oreo.

65. Nabisco Fruit Punch Oreos Limited Edition

The next freaky Oreo flavor!

66. Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos Limited Edition

Candy Corn is a popular candy from the USA. The cream even has the same bright colors as the Candy Corns.

67. Nabisco Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo Limited Edition

Another product for our lovers. The cinnamon cream is even spicy. This is because the more cinnamon you eat at once, the sharper the cinnamon is.

68. Nabisco Firework Oreos Limited Edition

A true firework of taste, not only in taste but also acoustically. Once you have the cream in your mouth, it starts to crackle. Hence the name of the Limited Edition.

69. Nabisco Oreo Dunkin Donuts Mocha Limited Edition

The cooperation special with Dunkin Donuts. For all the DunkinDonuts the one and only Oreo flavor!

70. Nabisco Rocky Road Trip Oreo Limited Edition

Rocky Road is the perfect combination of Chocolate and Marshmallow.

71. Nabisco Peeps Oreo Golden Limited Edition + 72. Nabisco Peeps Oreo Limited Edition

Another Marshmallow product. One with a golden biscuit and one with a classic biscuit. With both biscuits, you?ll definitely get a crazy pink cream.

73. Nabisco Love Oreo Limited Edition

For all lovers: These Oreos are the limited edition of Romeo and Juliet.

74. Nabisco Choco Chip Oreo Limited Edition

What could be better than a cookie with chocolate chips? Probably a cookie with Choco Chip Cream!!!

75. Nabisco Blueberry Pie Oreo Limited Edition

Again something for all cake fans. Here the blueberry variant!

76. Nabisco Apple Pie Limited Edition

Apple pie is probably the most popular cake! An absolute must for all apple pie fans!

77. Nabisco Swedish Fish Oreo Limited Edition

Fruit gums now also as taste of the Oreocremefllung.

78. Nabisco Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Oreos Limited Edition

Matching 90 years of Mickey Mouse there is the Oreo Birthday Edition. There is no better way to celebrate the birthday of the world-famous mouse.

79. Nabisco Peppermint Bark Oreos Limited Edition

Peppermint Bark, you can imagine a little like brittle. Peppermint Bark Oreos are definitely not too strong in taste and should definitely make non-Peppermint friends try them!

80. Nabisco Jelly Donut Oreo

Donut + Jelly filling = Phenomenal

81. Nabisco Oreo Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate topped with marshmallow. Experience this taste experience with the Nabisco Oreo Hot Cocoa.

Those were the limited Oreos now it goes on with the Asian Oreos:

82. Kraft Wasabi Oreos & 83. Kraft Hot Chicken Wings Oreos

Hot Oreo, you want some? Then the Wasabi Oreo should be just right for you! Nobody had probably had to make the decision between Oreos and Chicken Wings before. For those of you who have still got into this situation, there are now the Oreo Hot Chicken Wings!

84. Kraft Raspberry & 85. Kraft Blueberry and Orange & Mango

Completely colorful and fancy. Here you have the choice between raspberry and blueberry or orange and mango!!!