45 Dirty Talk Phrases To Say To Turn Him On

The art of dirty talking is one of the ways you can make your man feel more wanted and desired. It can make sex more enjoyable and add some spice to your relationship. But coming up with things to say isn?t so easy sometimes.

So, we?re here to rescue you by showing you the different ways you can dirty talk to your man. We?ve even gone ahead and broken down our phrases into categories for you to use at different times; some, you use before you meet up with your man, some, you use when things are heating up and the rest, you use during intercourse.

Here are forty-five ways to dirty talk to your man. When going through the list, find ones you?ll feel comfortable saying to your partner.

When You?re Not Together

You don?t need to wait until you see him to start talking dirty. If you want to be on his mind all day long, well, use some of these phrases to kick start the foreplay.

  1. Why don?t you come over? I promise you won?t regret it.
  2. Guess what I?m not wearing right now.
  3. I?ve been very bad. I think I need to be spanked.
  4. If I was with you right now, what would you do to me?
  5. I need some of your cock right now.
  6. I?ve been thinking long and hard about what I?m going to do to you tonight?
  7. My legs are missing you in between them.
  8. I can only think of one thing right now, and it?s you naked in my bed.
  9. I want you to have me on my knees.
  10. I?m imagining you?re with me right now?
  11. All I can think of is sitting on top of your hard cock.
  12. I can?t stop thinking about what you did with your dick the last time we were together.
  13. I need to get you home, right now!
  14. I?m touching myself right now.
  15. I woke up wet this morning.

Building The Tension

When it comes to dirty talk, it?s all about building the tension. You want your man to come home after work wanting to devour you. Try some of these lines that?ll have him losing his mind.

  1. Just looking at you makes me wet/hard.
  2. Your cock is so delicious.
  3. I need you in my mouth, now.
  4. I want you to tear my clothes off my body.
  5. What?s your favorite position with me on top?
  6. Do you think you could get me off just by kissing me and touching my breasts?
  7. Can I touch it?
  8. If you keep looking at me that way, I?m not responsible for what happens next.
  9. You are the biggest turn on.
  10. Tell me where you want to touch me first.
  11. I can?t wait for you to put it in me.
  12. How fast do you think I can make you come?
  13. Do you want me to spit or swallow?
  14. I need you inside me.
  15. I love it when you put your hands on me.

During Sex

Well, that didn?t take too long, did it? You?ve built the tension up perfectly and now, it?s time to release the sexual tension. If you want to keep the dirty talk going, which you totally should, then try some of these lines.

  1. I can still taste you on my lips.
  2. I want you to come all over my face.
  3. I want you to make me scream.
  4. You were made to be inside me.
  5. I love the way you fill me up.
  6. No one makes me as horny as you do.
  7. I want you inside me forever.
  8. Fuck me like you own me.
  9. I love how hard you feel.
  10. I?ve been waiting for this all day.
  11. Don?t stop.
  12. I love when you bend me over.
  13. I want you all the way inside me.
  14. I?m going to make you come so hard.

With the right phrases, your man won?t be lasting too long. You?ll make him crazy by using these lines. If you?re just starting out with dirty talk, choose phrases you feel comfortable saying. If not, it?ll look unnatural and that?s not a turn on.

Originally published at https://makemeshake.com on February 14, 2019.