37 Most Hilarious Workplace GIFs

A gallery to leave you laughing in honor of Taskworld?s latest release? GIFs


Three little letters have changed communication as we know it ? G-I-F. The animated digital art form (as you may call it) of Graphics Interchange Format allows for so much more expression than words or emojis. Its creative possibilities are endless and is able to relate abstract thoughts an ideas into relatable visuals. In just a few seconds of looped graphics or clip of a cult hit TV show or movie, everything is understood.

And because communication can be such a challenge at work ? and more so, because we all just want to laugh more ? Taskworld has released GIFs in its chat and comments features.

In honor of this new feature, following are some ?Did you knows?,? how to use GIFs in Taskworld, and our favorite GIFs of workplace funnies and fails to share with your colleagues or peruse while procrastinating.

WARNING: Please enjoy without coffee in your mouth.

A Few Bits About GIFs

The Graphics interchange format was first invented in 1987 by Compuserve inventor, Steve Wilhite. He says the file format may have died out if it weren?t for Netscape using it in its icon ? remember this one?

According to its inventor, GIF is actually pronounced with a soft ?G? sound like ?Jif.? It has moved through many trends since then:

  • 1990s culture: GIFs contain classic animation; the backgrounds are transparent so they can be used in many graphical contexts.
  • Beginning of the 21st century: Big, motionless, glittering (or other automatically generated) graphics used on Myspace and other PimpMyProfile-style social networks.
  • Current time: Looped sequences made from video captures of movies or TV shows, distributed in blogs, not integrated into the page design surrounding it.

How to Use GIFs in Taskworld

You can now search, find and share GIFs in Taskworld chat and comments. Look for the GIF icon next to Emojis at the bottom of chat or comments. Click on it and you will see the latest trending GIFs appear. You can scroll through and choose one or type what you are trying to express in the search bar and see what comes up.

The Ultimate GIF Gallery for the Workplace

  1. Mondays.

2. When you thought it was a great idea? and then it wasn?t.

3. When you think your boss is making a joke and then realize they?re really, really serious and angry.

4. When there is free food in the kitchen.

5. How sticky notes are meant to be used.

6. When you are alone in the elevator.

7. Every. day.

8. When you get home after a hard day.

9. Someone stole someone else?s lunch out of the shared refrigerator.

10. When there are no words.

11. Cubicle problems.

12. When someone nails a presentation.

13. The classic face-palm.

14. The best way to apologize for a mistake.

15. More free food at work.

16. When you realized you forgot to clock-in.

17. When you have to work overtime?on a weekend.

18. I am not really sure what is happening here. But it?s somehow great.

19. When you complete a task.

20. Working with another department?

21. When ergonomics cramps your style.

22. When you?re over it.

23. When it?s just painful.

24. ?

25. Needing a nap after lunch time.

26. When someone steals your stapler.

27. When words don?t cut it.

28. Because snack attack.

29. I need to replace myself with a chicken who will write this blog.

30. Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror?

31. Client meeting nightmare.

32. You had one job.

33. Technology makes work easier.

34. Working from home while sick.

35. Multitasking.

36. Great Depressioners try to relate to Millenials.

37. Fridays.

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