Psilocybe Cubensis: The Mushroom Behind the Magic

How to Grow Psilocybe Cubensis

Whether the Golden Teacher, Amazonian, B+, or another strain, the cubensis mushroom is one of the easiest species to cultivate. With proper preparation and research, you should be able to grow your own within two months.

To grow psilocybin cubensis, you can either gather your materials from scratch or use a mushroom growing kit. In the purest sense, to grow mushrooms, you need a mycelium substrate and a hospitable environment for the mycelium to thrive. The cubensis mycelium is simply the underlying fungus that grows into your edible cubensis mushrooms.

Because growing kits include the mycelium and a grow box, it makes the growing process very easy and straightforward-they already include almost everything you need, and you can grow without spores. However, when using growing kits there is a potential risk of contamination, lack of consistency, and even fake products.

An alternative is to grow your mushrooms from scratch using what is known as the PF Tek method. It requires some more preparation to assemble the materials but is still a simple, reliable way to grow cubensis mushrooms from home.

Using the PF Tek method, you would cultivate your mycelium by injecting cubensis spores into jars containing a substrate. The substrate serves as fertile ground for the spores to develop and consists of brown rice flour and vermiculite.

After about a month, the spores will grow into mycelium and colonize the substrate. These substrate ?cakes? can then be moved into grow chambers, where they will further develop and eventually fruit. After sprouting, the mushrooms are usually ready to harvest in about a week or two.

It is best to use a dehydrator to dry cubensis mushrooms, but a less expensive alternative is to use a dessicant, like silica gel.


This year, Denver moved to decriminalize psilocybin and Oakland went a step further by decriminalizing all plant medicines. It?s a safe bet that interest in cultivation is likely to expand. Using either a growing kit or a method like PF Tek, you can reliably cultivate a mushroom like psilocybe cubensis in less than two months, with materials that are readily available online or in stores.

Compared to the resources required to synthesize psychedelic substances like LSD or MDMA, the process of growing psilocybin mushrooms is not only easy, but will liberate your dependence on an outside source for psychedelics, and deepen your experience when consuming them.

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