I Bought a “V Shred” Program

So You Don?t Have To

Between you and me, it?s all bullshit.

Every single word out of his mouth is bullshit.

And so I bought a program of theirs, to prove it.

I went with their cheapest possible program, their ?big arms? program.

Hey, I?m not made out of money.

Plus, arms are something I know a thing or two about, so I feel qualified to assess the steaming, heaping, festering pile of dogshit that is their program.

After buying the program?

?you get sent to a screen like this where Vince himself stutters his way through a low production value introduction. So welcoming.

They also give you a few bonus materials, which were so factually incorrect, badly written and blatantly supplement pushing that they were literally only good for comedic value.

But if you don?t know better, it sounds so, so good ? it?s designed to.

The way they set the week up is like this:

On the surface, it?s not bad. I don?t hate it.

You?re working arms effectively four times per week: twice with direct arm movements, once on shoulder day and once a final time on back and chest day.

It?s a lot to recover from, but if the volume is low, perhaps 5?10 sets per workout, this could be manageable.

However, as you?ll see later?they don?t do that.

First, the exercises selection: it?s not bad. Mostly basic movements, and they?re accompanied by low video quality, low sound quality videos where Vince himself demonstrates the exercises (sufficiently) and explains them (poorly).

Next, the 45 second rests. That?s been proven to be inferior to longer rests:

Source: Schoenfeld Et Al 2016 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26605807/

It?s a relic of bodybuilders who use steroids. It?s not optimal for natural athletes. But they don?t care about that. They probably don?t even know about that, because I guarantee no one at the company has ever run this workout program.

Also, it?s 8 exercises, for 4 sets each. 32 sets, just for arms, in one workout. That is just stupidly high volume.

That?s like cardio for your arms.



Tough crowd.

Moving on?

Every workout has the same volume, in case you are wondering. 8 movements, 4 sets, every time. No volume periodization whatsoever.

In fact, according to the bonus material, no one at the company even knows what periodization is. They also think that lactic acid causes muscle soreness. (Pssst?it doesn?t.)

This is a company whose knowledge is built upon Google searching?ineptly.

Another humerus that I have to pick with them is that they don?t even give you any other days! They just say ?do your normal leg workout?

You literally just paid twenty bucks for 2/7ths of a workout plan.

How cheap is that? If you are a beginner, you have no idea. You don?t have a normal leg workout.

And because the final set is a drop set on every exercise, it?s actually more like 40 sets.

Twice per week means 80 sets.

Plus you have perhaps 5 sets for shoulders and maybe 10 sets for chest and back that count towards arms. Your arms will probably be too dead to perform well, but they still count.

You are basically paying for the luxury of getting tennis elbow.

I haven?t seen a program this bad since Jeff Cavaliere?s ?perfect workout? series.

As a species, we tend to gravitate towards extremes. 6 minute abs, or 24 hour arm workouts. But damn near 100 sets per week isn?t going to get you bigger arms.

The face you make when you?re selling useless supplements

It?s just going to make lying bags of human excrement like Vince Sant richer.

That?s not even the worst part.

The worst part is that they not only have you by the?bicep tendons, they now have your email.

Oh, and trust me?

?they?ll use it.

Don?t think that money-back guarantee will do anything, either.

Here?s a full video review.

Vince Sant and V Shred are without a doubt the worst of the fitness industry. They provide no value whatsoever, simply cheating, lying and stealing from the customer at every opportunity.

Some will say I?m a hater.

They?d be absolutely correct.

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