GIPHY’s Most-Viewed GIFs of 2020

2. ?Grateful for You? by GIPHY Cares ? 948,335,721 viewsThe GIPHY Cares initiative launched in April and featured new custom GIFs, emojis, and stickers to help spread positivity and support as the world was changing. This top GIF represents how much appreciation we had for each other.

3. ?I Love You? by RisuDong ? 917,045,574 views?I Love You? is consistently one of the top-searched terms on GIPHY. GIF users all over the world are looking for cute and endearing ways to brighten their loved ones? day. This cute GIF from illustrators Risu and Dong does that perfectly.

4. ?I Love You? by Rain to Me ? 863,826,912 viewsAs we took to maintaining all of our relationships online, ?virtual? versions of already popular searches naturally became popular as well. So, searches like ?virtual hug? increased, and this GIF by Rain to Me is adorable, sweet, and comforting, which is what most people needed during lockdown.

5. ?Long Distance Love? by Chibird ? 710,944,919 viewsWe all needed to send and get some love this year. This animated GIF by Chibird perfectly depicts sending the purest of love in a time of social-distancing and long distance.

6. ?OK!? by Mochimochiland ? 540,192,916 viewsHas there ever been a more adorable way to express teamwork, enthusiasm, or a high five via a GIF? We think not!

7. ?Happy Dance? by Sesame Street ? 493,304,934 viewsFor decades now, Elmo has been putting smiles on faces! Condense all that fur and emotion into a GIF, and you have a perfect little happy dance!

8. ?Dumpster fire? by 100% Soft ? 437,896,231 viewsExistential dread? but make it cute. 2020 may not have been the year the term ?dumpster fire? was coined, but it certainly has been the year that most exemplifies its meaning. It?s no wonder so many people used this kawaii dumpster fire GIF from 100% Soft to express themselves.

9. ?We Will Get Through This? by Into Action ? 423,529,288 viewsInto Action?s team made GIFs this year that were as incredible as they were timely. Many of the messages in their GIFs and stickers were motivational and provided hope to many, especially during the beginning of COVID-19 when uncertainty and anxiety was seemingly unmanageable.

10. ?Billie Eilish ?LOL?? by the BRIT Awards ? 421,554,616 views

Billie Eilish is authentic and true to herself in her music, style and also her self-expressions ? clearly seen from this GIF below. It?s the most emotive ?LOL? and can be used in so many situations.

11. ?Virtual Hug? by Kochstrasse ? 409,802,214 viewsThe virtual hug might have been coined years ago, but it became entrenched in our animated vocabulary in 2020. Really have to thank German based Kochstrasse for this perfect visual depiction!

12. ?Keep Spreading Positivity? by YouTube ? 402,784,006 viewsWe love a GIF with a message and we can really get behind this one. During such a hard year, one of the best ways you can spend your energy is cheering up the people in your life. This GIF is a nice reminder.

13. ?I Love You? by Parrotlet Post ? 401,950,424 viewsIt?s a bird gently showing you a heart. What more can we say? That?s soothing content right there.

14. ?I Love You? by Corgiyolk ? 374,495,426 viewsAs we mentioned earlier, ?love? is one of the most popular search terms on GIPHY. So it?s no surprise that this cute corgi won hearts by sending out a heart! Dogs & Hearts is a combination that is sure to reach the top. This ?I love you? GIF by Corgiyolk had to be cor-related to high views!

15. ?Shaun the Sheep Yoga? by Aardman Animation ? 373,451,542 viewsThe pandemic caused a lot of stress, grief, and anxiety that was felt on a global level, so it makes sense that users took to GIPHY to search for messages of zen and calmness ? as depicted in this GIF ? to likely share with loved ones.

16. ?Alien dancing? by DOMCAKE ? 372,892,777 viewsYup, this is an instant winner. The vibrant colors, the dance, the smile, the cute factor! It?s got positivity written all over it, and we?re all suckers for that.

17. ?Eurovision ?I Love You?? by Netflix ? 368,783,186 viewsThis GIF of Will Ferrell singing ?I Love You? is a fun way to express your love for someone. The movie ?Eurovision? gave us a ton of great GIFs, but this one got the most views, probably because of its high usability!

18. ?2020 Trash? by Robert E Blackmon ? 366,187,487 viewsIn the year where the list of bad things seemed to never end, GIPHY Creator Robert E. Blackmon perfectly encapsulated what we all wish we could do to move on to better times.

19. ?Happy Birthday? by Jelene ? 359,897,265 viewsWhile we couldn?t celebrate everything face to face this year, we know for a fact that technology helped us celebrate in the safest of ways! This ?Happy Birthday? GIF by Jelene helped us do exactly that. Sending wishes via this fun colorful GIF is sure to put a smile on the receiver?s face 🙂

20. ?Over It? by Jasmine Masters ? 359,549,504 viewsAll of us, to 2020.

21. ?Video Games? by Takadabear ? 357,866,255 viewsWhere our gamers at? With a pandemic keeping a lot of us quarantined, these two bears kicked it old school with the console and kicked 2020 in the butt with some friendly competition.

22. ?Quarantine? by Jason Clarke ? 356,125,205 viewsA situation many of us can relate to: getting your yoga gear on with the best of intentions only to chomp on a big bowl of snacks.

23. ?You?re Enough? by Shercle ? 353,390,971 viewsThis GIF is so cute! Like many other GIFs on this list, this one by Shercle is a sincere expression of caring. Sending it to someone who is having a bad day might be just what they needed.

24. ?Keep Your Distance? by William Garratt ? 340,219,451 viewsThese days, you can truly never have enough reminders for people to keep their distance to stay safe and healthy! This perfectly looping GIF by William Garratt was a great way to share that reminder.

25. ?Wash ?em!? by GIPHY Originals ? 339,442,081 viewsThis one is pretty self explanatory. Wash your hands, wash ?em, do it! And don?t forget to moisturize. Your skin will thank you! ? Sincerely, your GIPHY dermatologists.

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