Are Small Breasts The New Trend of 2021?

This seems hard to believe?

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Babe, don?t you feel as though big boobs have always been the envy of every woman and the apple of every man?s eye? Just look at how the plastic surgery industry has thrived due to a demand for big breasts!

And sure, I too wanted to have bigger breasts when I was younger. But luckily, I outgrew that (no pun intended), and am now completely satisfied and content with my petite bosom. What?s even more lucky is the fact that 2021 may just be the year of small breasts! Small-chested females rejoice!

Why do I think that small breasts are the new trend of 2021? My argument, if I do say so myself, is actually quite compelling!

Here are 6 reasons why small breasts are trending in 2021.

1. Women Are More into Fitness

Let?s not beat around the bush? breasts are essentially just a squishy ball of fat at the end of the day. And what happens when you work out and lead an active lifestyle? Well, you lose fat and or build muscle.

Just look at how activewear has risen in popularity over the last year? a clear indication that fitness is the way forward. Not only that but being fit, engaging in self-care, and being more youthful is totally in right now. Put two and two together (athletic fashion plus a love of fitness) and you?ve got yourself a rising population of women with smaller breasts.

2. Au Natural is Beautiful

A quick glance at popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram will have you seeing trends like ?#nofilter? and ?#nomakeupselfie?. What does that have to do with small breasts? Well, 2020 and beyond seem to be embracing the au natural look.

People aren?t as obsessed with looking like a Barbie doll anymore, filling their chest and face with all sorts of plastic and chemicals, and they?re more focused on less-is-more. Pamela Anderson is a prime example of this. Her oversized chest is something we can confidently say is a retro look, something a lot of women aren?t actually aiming for anymore. Goodbye the days of big and bold, hello to subtlety.

3. Nipple Play is More Fun

Sure it may be fun to have more-than-a-handful, and men are often driven wild when they need more than one hand to cop a feel. But did you know that small breasts are 24 percent more sensitive than bigger ones?

The University of Vienna did their research and it turns out that, because smaller breasts are more sensitive, flat-chested women may experience even more sexual arousal when their nipples are stimulated!

4. An End to Objectifying Women

Having breasts is one key difference when it comes to men and women. And because of this, many women are often objectified for their (big) boobs.

But there are some ladies who detest being objectified. They don?t want to experience the male gaze and hate the idea of being sexualised because of their breasts. For that reason, smaller boobs are sometimes more desirable than larger ones.

Side note: if a woman has bigger breasts she should be able to simply enjoy them for herself, not for anyone else.

5. Rich Men Tend to Prefer Smaller Breasts

You may think that all men go crazy for large boobs, but actually, a study found that men from higher socioeconomic backgrounds actually preferred smaller breasts. Adversely, men from lower socioeconomic backgrounds were more attracted to larger breasts.

What does this tell you? Well, if you?re interested in bagging a wealthy man, small boobs are the way to go.

6. Booties Over Boobies

We?ve seen an enormous trend of big booties taking front and centre stage. Just look at how twerking has taken over the Internet!

Today, men and women seem to be drawn to big asses that jiggle loud and proud. This, in turn, has taken the attention away from the chest area. There?s less emphasis on having big breasts and more of an obsession on getting those squats in to show off a bountiful booty.

And if you follow reality TV, Kelly Dodd of The Real Housewives of Orange County used to be brimming with pride sporting a 32G bust? but not anymore. After having a breast reduction, she exclaimed, ?Big boobs are out of style, nobody wants big boobs anymore,?.

Well, well, well? it really does look like small breasts are 2021?s trend! And if you?ve got a small pair of breasts like me, let?s revel in a few reasons why it absolutely rocks to have a tiny chest!

With that say, I personally think it?s fabulous to have small breasts for the following reasons:

1. Exercising

After speaking to some of my large-breasted friends, I learned that certain exercises ? like running, for example ? can actually be quite painful, and at the very least, super annoying. With small breasts however, it?s a lot easier to manage and doesn?t call for super supportive bras and sports bras when working out.

2. Tops

I can certainly adore a nice pair of larger breasts snuggling in V-neck tops, but there?s also the risk of them popping out or showing too much than what they bargained for. Wearing a low-cut top with smaller breasts is kind of like a walk in the park in comparison, in my opinion.

Then there?s also other kinds of tops that work well with smaller boobs, like side-boob swing tops and button-up shirts. For those with big breasts, achieving a side-boob would usually only be possible using some form of boob tape. And button-up shirts are a whole different kind of annoyance for larger breasts, as cracks between the buttons are basically inevitable.

3. Boob Sweat

Yes, I said it! Boob sweat is totally a thing, and it can get really annoying for women with big breasts. Cut to the Ta-Ta Towels that trended in 2017! For small-chested ladies, there?s not much to worry about in the realm of boob sweat!

4. Braless and Unbound

Bras can sometimes feel like a weird kind of prison. They?re often restricting and bothersome, and a lot of the time women bask in glory when they?re able to take theirs off at the end of a long day.

For small breasted women however, we can go braless when we want to? and it can feel like the ultimate form of freedom.

5. Swimwear

Whether you rock a one-piece or a bikini, finding a swimsuit is fairly easy for small-breasted women. You see, when purchasing a bikini, the bottoms may fit perfectly, but finding the right size for the top could be a nightmare.

And when it comes to a one-piece, big breasted women may need to find a swimsuit with a built-in bra, a real hassle. For smaller breasts, swimwear shopping is simply a fun and thrilling activity!

So, how do you size up when it comes to 2021?s small boob trend? Whatever size you?re rocking, I personally find all breasts to be beautiful. Larger ones are such a gorgeous symbol of femininity, and smaller ones are equally as adorable!

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