6 Best Hardware Wallet 2021 | Top Crypto Hardware Wallets [Updated]

Choose between Hardware wallet Ledger, Ngrave, Trezor, BitBox, KeepKey

A good crypto hardware wallet is absolutely essential for many of us. Aside from helping us feel more connected to our funds, hardware wallets keep us safe and give us peace of mind when using digital currencies.

It?s been my mission for the past few years to help people understand cryptocurrencies and keep them safe when using them. Having a hardware wallet is one of the most important components in keeping your cryptocurrency secure.

If you?re looking for one, you?re going to want the best hardware wallet you can find.

Read through this guide if you want to understand the difference between the different wallet providers. If you are in a hurry to find the best your money can buy, you?ve also come to the right place.

What are hardware wallets?

The short of it is that hardware wallets are portable devices that give us secure access to our crypto. They function by generating a user?s private keys in a secure, offline environment while featuring an easy to use display. They usually connect via USB or Bluetooth to internet-connected devices like your computer. A separate screen on the wallet is used to verify and approve transactions to help prevent disclosure of sensitive information to the internet-connected device. This all combines to be very handy as you don?t have to worry about a computer being compromised.

Aside from security advantages, a hardware wallet also gives users tactile control over their funds. To many, having their funds in their hands is a familiar feeling that is paramount for adoption.

The List:

Top 6 Crypto Wallet of 2021

There are just a few hardware wallets on the market, yet still, it may be difficult to choose the right one for you. I have put together these top four hardware wallets to help you save your time and money experimenting.

The six hardware wallets we chose to highlight are NGRAVE ZERO, BitBox, Ledger Nano X, Trezor Model T, and KeepKey. They all have different features and attributes that may make one more suitable for your objectives.

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Below are the best Bitcoin hardware wallet going into 2021.


NGRAVE Graphene: a weather-proof seed solution right out of the box. Comprised of two parts, each part can be situated in a different location as an additional measure of security.

Pros: NGRAVE exemplifies end-to-end product thinking. Unique ?cold? design means it cannot be compromised digitally and that you never have to worry if your hardware wallet?s software is okay. Great for people who want complete peace of mind about their crypto funds and especially for those that travel often with their devices. Includes stainless sheets right out of the box to simplify the proper storage of your seed phrase.

Cons: This is a new company with its first major product. With IMEC behind them, you can expect great security, however, community support may take some time to catch up.

Also, read our Ngrave ZERO review.

#2 BitBox02 Hardware Wallet

The secure dual-chip architecture is a unique feature that addresses issues regarding transparency and physical protection of other hardware wallets. The BitBox02 uses a secure chip for physical device hardening in combination with fully open-source firmware, which neither Ledger (closed-source firmware) nor Trezor (no secure chip) can provide. Shift Crypto also has a transparent threat model that explains what attacks their products protect against, and which are considered out of scope.

#3 Trezor Hardware Wallet

Plug In ? Bitcoiners

Interested in a more in-depth explanation? I have linked a video of Andreas Antonopoulos here for that purpose. Antonopoulos does a great job of explaining what hardware wallets are and are not.

While hardware wallets are an investment, they may be worth it given the peace of mind you will get from them when managing your digital assets. Hardware wallets will keep you safe when transacting, but you?ll still need to keep backups of your seed and follow other best practices. For best practices around cryptocurrency storage, start here with another one of my favorite Antonopoulos Q&A session

Thank you for reading!

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