10 Best APP Development Courses for Beginners and Get a Job

iOS Development Courses on Udemy:


About this course: You can develop an iOS APP by learning this course without any development knowledge, and get an APP development job on a freelance website.

Price: $10.99 (New Year?s Sale)

Registered students: 59,029

Student rating: ?Great course, thank you, Rob! Tremendous value and worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn iOS 10 and Swift 3. No prior coding experience required. I look forward to taking another of Rob?s courses. ?Happy coding. ?

Android Development Courses on Udemy:


About this course: The course focuses on introducing Android studio, Java code, and advanced Android features, and teaches you how to use maps in your APPs, how to storing data permanently.

Price: $10.99 (New Year?s Sale)

Registered students: 62,290

Student rating: ?If you are planning to build an android yourself from zero knowledge, this is a great place to start.?

2. Udacity

Udacity is a profitable online education organization. It includes not only video but also its own learning management system, built-in programming interfaces, forums and social elements.

iOS Development Courses on Udacity:


About this course: Udacity ?s iOS Engineer Nanodegree Program gives you the foundation to become a Silicon Valley-standard engineer; let you get the latest iOS technology! And you will challenge the real-world projects designed by Silicon Valley experts, and develop iOS APPs on your own and get iOS expert line-by-line code reviews and 1-to-1 tutorials. You will have your own portfolio that will make your resume stand out after graduation.

Price: $199 USD/monthly

Android Development Courses on Udacity:


About this course: The goal of this course is to help students get started as an Android engineer without any programming background. After successfully completing the project, you will have sufficient experience to develop an Android APP of your own and will get Google certified.

Price: $199 USD/monthly

3. edX

Best UI/UX Design Materials for Free

edX is an open online course website that provides online academic courses for students worldwide, offering a wide range of courses and including many free courses. Unlike other online learning sites, EDX is a non-profit organization.

Android Development Courses on edX:


About this course: This course is for students who are new to programming and want to learn how to develop Android applications. You will learn some of the key principles behind Android architecture, and the processes involved in developing Android applications, familiar with Android development tools and user interface design. By the end of the course, you will create two simple applications that you can share with your friends. Their Android lessons are taught by Google APP development experts.

Price: Free, Add a Verified Certificate for $99 USD

4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn provides short-term online training courses and offers more than 400 courses in IT, programming, digital marketing, and project management.

Android Development Courses on Simplilearn:


About this course: It?s very suitable for beginner Android APP developers, you can fully learn the basics of Android development and publish the application in Google Play Store. This course takes you through the Android architecture and provides hands-on training with 2 popular basic APPs developed within the course.

Price: $99USD

5. Google developers training

Google developers training will provide certificated teaching resources and certification exams to teach you to be a true APP developer. ?Let?s grow with Google.?

Android Development Courses on Google developers training:


About this course: Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned developer, there is a rich set of lessons to teach you how to develop Android APPs, from simple basics to optimizing your APP?s performance.

Price: Free

6. Coursera

Coursera is an online course site founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. It offers various majors and degrees in Engineering, Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, Digital Marketing, Data Science and more. As of October 2017, Coursera has over 28 million registered students and more than 2,000 courses.

iOS Development Courses on Coursera:


About this course: This course covers a lot of topics include: Xcode Fundamentals, Core iOS and Cocoa Touch frameworks, simple user interface design, MVC architecture, and more. Currently, this course is using Swift 2 to teach.

Price: 7 days free trial


APPCoda is an education startup that specializes in teaching people how to learn Swift and iOS programming. They provide high-quality, easy-to-read iOS programming tutorials for those who want to learn iOS programming and pursue application development.

iOS development course on APPCPDA:


About this course: APPcoda provides many tutorials for beginners who do not have any coding experience, as well as developers who have some iOS programming experience. All tutorials listed on the site are completely free. Just follow the tutorials to get started with your APP development.

Price: Free

8. Treehouse

Treehouse is an online technology learning website that offers web design, web development, mobile application development, and game development for beginner to an advanced course taught by experts in their specialized fields.

iOS Development Courses on Treehouse:


About this course: This course provides the basic knowledge of iOS development and introduction of the new features of Swift 4. There are many practical exercises. For example, it will teach you to create a Selfie APP or a hotel review APP.

Price: 7 days free trial, $25 / month

9. Code School

Code School is an online learning website that provides code courses, and all aspiring developers can learn development resources through the entertaining way.

iOS Development Courses on Code school:


About this course: This course focuses on how to use Swift or Objective-C for iOS development.

Price: $29 / month

Android Development Courses on Code school:


About this course: In these courses, you will learn how to create Android applications from beginning to end by using Android Studio with Java. You will also learn how to create your APP?s layout, display data, create event listeners, make Internet requests, and much more.

Price: $29 / month

10. Raywenderlich.com

Raywenderlich was created for providing learning tutorials and programming resources for iOS and Android development.

iOS Development Courses on Raywenderlich:


About this course: The course covers all the knowledge of iOS development, and guides beginners to use Swift to create their own APP.

Price: Free

Android Development Courses on Raywenderlich:


About this course: Want to learn how to use Java and Kotlin to develop Android applications? More than 25 free Android development tutorials collected here cover everything you want to know about Android development!

Price: Free

Learn & Master Basic App Development & Design Tools

1.Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android and contains everything you need to build an Android app.

Completely designed for Android, it accelerates your development process and helps you build quality applications for every device. It is also known as the official development environment for Google?s Android operating system. It has countless features such as visual layout, APK analyzer, intelligent code editor, fast simulator, flexible build system, and a real-time analyzer.

2. Mockplus

Mockplus is a rapid online prototyping tool for android and iOS designers and developers to prototype, test, share and demonstrate their designs.

As a web-based prototyping tool, there is no need to download or install anything. Your entire team can work on the same project from anywhere, anytime.

3.Android SDK

The Android SDK is a development kit for Android. It includes a complete set of development and debugging tools.

The Android SDK is composed of modular packages that you can download separately using the Android SDK Manager.

4. Mockplus Cloud

Mockplus Cloud is an online design collaboration and handoff tool for designers and developers to communicate and collaborate online smoothly as well as doing design handoff effortlessly.

For better app development and design, it is perfect for designers and developers to have a place or online platform to discuss, communicate and handoff designs smoothly.

And Mockplus Cloud is such a powerful online platform that allows designers and developers to prototype, comment and handoff designs.

Designers can easily handoff designs with manual and automatic markups, automatic specs, assets and code snippets to save at least 50% of time.

Developers can also easily click to check and download assets and specs as well as exporting desired CSS codes.


The above 10 APP development courses for beginners cover everything you want to know about iOS and Android development. All the beginners can follow these tutorials to create a beautiful APP of your own, plus, we hope the introduced basic app development and design tools can also get you a junior APP development job easily.

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